Nunukan Island (Pulau Nunukan)

catatan perjalanan
pulau Punukan, Google earth

Nunukan is one of the island which is strategic in the areas of economic / trade in the eastern part of indonesia, it is not separated from the position adjacent to the island Nunukan Tawau town, east Malaysia. Nunuknan from a trip to east malaysia more than one (1) hours by using speedboot. Based on experience, in Nunukan people can use two currencies, namely we can use to buy goods Rupiah Ringgit Malaysia or Indonesia in the food stalls on the roadside even. This may also apply in areas that directly borders with neighboring countries.
Nunukan islands are often made in transit by dealer labor Indonesia to Malaysia. So do not wonder if people who come from different regions, especially from the eastern Indonesian island so that people in Nunukan very heterogeneous, so that economic turnaround in Nunukan quite rapidly. April, 19-2009

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